We missed the bus on roping in Indian talent: Chinese media


LATEST NEWS – China has made a “mistake of ignoring” science and technology experts from India, Chinese official media said on Friday, underlining that the Communist giant should attract high-tech Indian talent for maintaining its innovation ability.

“China has made the mistake of ignoring Indian talent, and instead has attached a greater importance to talent coming from the US and Europe,” an article in state-run Global Times said.

“China has perhaps not been working hard enough to attract science and technology talent from India to work in the country,” the tabloid daily from the group of ruling Communist Party of China which has been carrying articles critical of India all most on daily basis in recent months said in a rare positive write-up.

“Over the past few years, China witnessed an unprecedented boom in tech jobs as the country became an attractive destination for foreign research and development centres.”

“However, now some high-tech firms are turning their attention from China to India due to the latter’s relatively low labour costs. Attracting high-tech talent from India could be one of China’s options for maintaining its innovation ability,” it said.

Referring to reports that US-based software firm CA Technologies has disbanded its almost 300-person research and development team in China while setting up a team in India with some 2,000 scientific and technical professionals over the past few years, it said, “with a sufficient young talent pool, India is becoming increasingly attractive.” READ MORE


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