‘No cars available’: Drivers’ strike paralyses Uber, Ola services in Delhi


LATEST NEWS – A strike in Delhi by thousands of Uber and Ola drivers demanding better pay has paralysed the ride-hailing services that have grabbed business from the traditional taxi and rickshaw operators with their cheaper fares.

Commuters faced delays for a fourth day even as the city-state’s government laid on extra buses to help them get to work, after drivers stopped taking bookings via the smartphone apps that connect them to nearby passengers. Some drivers reverted to only taking passengers from taxi stands or off the street.

It was the first big confrontation between the trade unions representing taxi drivers in the Delhi region of 25 million people and the two ride-hailing players, which have been ramping up services in India’s $12 billion taxi market.

Strike leaders said they were demanding an increase in incentives, provision of adequate insurance policies and shorter working hours.

“These companies are cheating us. They do not pay us on time and expect us to work like slaves,” said Jatindra Singh, a senior member of the New Delhi Taxi Union. Singh said 35 unions representing nearly 4,000 drivers were backing the strike.

Both Uber and Ola faced disruptions, with their apps showing ‘No Cars Available’ when attempts were made to book a ride near Connaught Place, in Delhi’s city centre, around midday on Monday. READ MORE


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