UP polls: BJP junks note ban mention in speeches


UP ELECTIONS 2017 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed over 30 public rallies for the 243-member Bihar Assembly polls in October-November 2015 but he is likely to address less than half of that in the run-up to the 403-member Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly polls.

The PM launched his UP campaign by addressing a public rally in Meerut on Saturday, and followed with another one in Aligarh on Sunday.

In Aligarh, the PM promised a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in UP would deliver vikas (development), which he said was an acronym for vidyut (improved power supply); kanoon (better law and order); and sadak (roads). There was only a passing reference to demonetisation.

As UP goes to polls on Saturday, references to Modi government’s currency ban decision have all but vanished from his, party president Amit Shah and other candidates’ speeches. This was not the case a month ago.

After November 8, the demonetisation announcement, the PM had addressed several rallies across north India, particularly half a dozen in UP, to reach out to people on his note ban decision. The last of these was in Lucknow on January 2 to mark the end of “50 days of pain” caused by note ban. There was a only passing reference to demonetisation in his Meerut and Aligarh speeches. Shah has also come across as keen to change the public discourse to the alleged corruption charges on opponents. READ MORE


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