UP Assembly polls: Now, astrologers predict outcome


UP POLLS 2017 – With the Election Commission banning opinion polls from February 4, astrologers have taken to predicting the outcome of the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls that begin on February 11.

Representing diverse interest groups, while one set of soothsayers has forecast an outright win for the “gathbandhan” (Congress-SP alliance), another set has vouched for the exact opposite.

Pramod Gautam, chairman of Vedic Sutram, told IANS: “Phoney pundits should stop distorting a much respected and time-tested science. We base our findings on authentic birth charts of the key players.”

Pratik Pandey of Astrosage.com said: “These days so many fake astrologers have flooded the market that they have created a credibility crisis. People have begun suspecting this esoteric science.”

Releasing his predictions, at a press conference on Tuesday, Gautam, whose earlier predictions on three occasions were proved correct, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “clearly the winner as his stars continue to be favourable”. This, he said, should benefit the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in UP. READ MORE


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