Punjab polls: AAP attracts youth, elderly prefer old loyalties


LATEST NEWS – Amandeep Singh, 21, and his friends would be casting their first vote on February 4. They would also be breaking a tradition where parents or elders would decide the preferred candidate for other family members during an election.

Singh wants to go with the new wave, whereas his parents want to stick with the Congress, represented by former Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal at Bhatinda. Deepak Bansal, a youngster who failed to crack the UPSC exams in two attempts, is contesting from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

“Times have changed. We youngsters want someone new,” Singh says, seated outside the kite shop of his friend, Sanjeev Singla, 28.

“I am a postgraduate and selling kites for my livelihood. I would be again jobless once the kite season is over. I need a permanent job and I am hopeful the AAP government would help me,” adds Singla. The friends spoke minutes after Badal shook hands with them and sought their votes. READ MORE


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