Indian CEOs most optimistic amidst global gloom; hiring to boom this year


LATEST NEWS – Amidst existential questions over the impact of globalisation and concerns around the rising trend of protectionism, 71 per cent of India’s chief executive officers (CEOs) are very confident of their company’s growth in the next 12 months, against a global average of 38 per cent. Globally, 29 per cent of CEOs, on an average, expect economic growth to improve over the next 12 months. However, 42 per cent of India’s CEOs are optimistic of improvement in the global economy.

According to an annual survey of 1,379 CEOs across 79 countries carried out by PwC — the findings of which were released at the World Economic Forum in Davos — an impressive 67 per cent of India’s CEOs (against 52 per cent globally) expect to increase headcount in the next 12 months, with just nine per cent (16 per cent globally) planning to cut their workforce. When asked to name the country’s most important for their organisation’s overall growth prospects in the next 12 months, Indian CEOs cited the US (55 per cent), followed by China (30 per cent), the UK (22 per cent) and Germany (16 per cent). Mumbai, New York and London were identified as the most important cities by Indian CEOs for their organisation’s growth. READ MORE


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