Uber-backed ambulance-hailing app Ambee set for commercial rollout


LATEST NEWS – In a city where the emergency medical service (108) is available free of cost, two MNC employees have decided to start Ambee, a commercial ambulance-hailing service. The Hyderabad-based start-up is aiming to bring online half the ambulances across 60 Indian cities over the next five years.

Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick had recently committed to investing $50,000 in Ambee, after the latter won in UberPitch, a country-wide competition held on December 22, 2016, along with two other start-ups.

In March 2016, Jaimon Jose had left his job as site lead at Google Maps and founded his own venture 1st Consult Technologies to start Ambee. Six months later, Rohit Kumar, who was an engineering project manager at Apple, had resigned from this role to join Ambee as a co-founder and COO. The existing gaps in the emergency services in the country have made them develop an ambulance aggregator.

The 108-emergency services are currently operational in 20 states but there are over 6 million deaths in a year due to delay in emergency medical services. According to Indian Medical Association (IMA), the country’s medical emergency services should ideally be in a position to cover a five-minute emergency time. READ MORE


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