China nibbles at Samsung share to take 50% of India’s smartphone market

LATEST NEWS – Chinese brands took their largest ever slice of the $10-billion Indian smartphone market in late 2016, accounting for more than one in every two phones sold – a growing market share that ate into sales from top-selling Samsung Electronics.
Samsung, the single most popular smartphone brand in India, commanded a roughly 30% market share just over a year ago. That slipped to 21% in November, according to tech research firm Counterpoint, the last month for which data is available.
Meanwhile – thanks to low cost, improved technology and an advertising blitz – Chinese brands like Oppo, Lenovo, OnePlus, Gionee and Xiaomi took a combined share of over 50%, compared to just 19% a year ago.
“Chinese brands are offering quality that is at par with Samsung, at a better price,” said Manish Khatri, who owns two multi-brand smartphone outlets in Mumbai. “Of every 10 phones I sell, almost six to seven are now Chinese brands.” READ MORE

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